"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

At Lois’ Learning Tree our toddler’s  are becoming aware of the world around them and their ability to emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially explore it. Toddlers are crawling, walking, and hopping around their environment touching, tasting, and seeing everything. The LLT educators act as facilitators to help these little Explorers experience all that the indoor and outdoor world around them. They are between twelve months and thirty-five months of age. The Explorers are bursting with energy and ideas needed to explore their environment. We, as educators, make sure that they can explore an environment that is safe. We encourage their independence,while nurturing their dependence.



The exploration that begins during the toddler years continues throughout the preschool years of two years old thru five years old. At Lois’ Learning Tree we call this stage the Adventurer stage because young children are very aware of the environment and they want to go everywhere,taste everything, and do everything. Physically the Adventurers at LLT enjoy running, galloping, and skipping around. We

created an environment that allows them to enjoy their burgeoning small and large muscle control. Socially and Emotionally the Adventurers are creating intimate friend groups while maintaining their kinship to the larger group. They are learning how to take turns, pretend, and appreciate each other. Intellectually the Adventurers are asking many questions and developing reasoning and

critcal thinking skills further.

Navigators & Inventors 


Young school aged children are called Navigators and Older school aged children are called Inventors at Lois’ Learning Tree. The Navigators have essentially mastered their physical development but with coaching from LLT teacher they are learning how to work cohesively with

others in group sports such as basketball and soccer while fine tuning gross and fine motor skills. Socially and Emotionally Navigators are learning how to manage their feelings and the feelings of others through the successes and failures of life. Intellectually Navigators are learning about boundaries, learning what’s appropriate language and behavior. Inventors are the school aged children that are enrolled in fourth thru eighth grade. The curriculum for the Inventors is very engaging and full of choices to keep the energetic students on the move. Socially and Emotionally the Inventors like to be independent and need praise from adults for their accomplishments. While they are independent they have a strong need to belong and be accepted. We create many opportunities for individual success while balancing out the need for them to learn conflict resolution through group participation. Intellectually the Inventors are creating and changing their opinions daily. LLT provides many opportunities daily for Inventors to further develop their thoughts and express them intellectual through group discussions, writing, and debates.Lois’ Learning Tree is proud to be the home of many diverse learners such as the Explorers,Adventurers, Navigators, and Inventors. The LLT environment allows all participants to explore endless possibilities inside and outside with a warm and compassionate teachers to facilitate their development.